🌟 Incredi-BOWL


⭐ Incredi-BOWL ⭐

β˜… Ingredients:

  • Greens – kale, cabbage, spinach, arugula, mixed greens, romaine

  • Protein – fish, chicken, turkey, tempeh, tofu, beef, shrimp

  • Fat – avocado, olive oil, nuts, coconut

  • Fiber – almonds, chia seeds, artichoke, beets, broccoli, legumes, sesame seeds

  • Gratitude and Love – see below

β˜… I love throwing a bowl together for lunch - Make an IncrediBowl to feel Incredible! haha, get it?! I’m a dork and I love puns.

β˜… Including greens, protein, healthy fat and fiber is a fool proof way of knowing you are getting a full nutrient profile as well as this combo will keep you full and satisfied longer. 

β˜… And you know me…its not all about the food! There is so much beyond food that effects your health and well being. So that’s where the gratitude and love come in. Your thoughts and emotions affect your health.

When I am preparing food and eating, I come from a place of gratitude and love. Especially when I am eating so called β€œbad” foods…which is a term I never use! If you think a food you are eating is β€œbad” your body will feel bad. If you think a food is good or have positive thought around the food you are eating, your body will feel good.


Hope you enjoy my KittyCats! 😽

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