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1-on-1 Coaching

I am a board certified holistic health coach and I have learned over 100 dietary theories. There is no “one diet fits all” and I’m here to help you navigate a non-diet approach to be your best beautiful, unique self!

I am all about adding in healthy, satisfying foods without restrictions or foods being labeled “bad.” I’m a true foodie at heart and I am the queen of finding healthy replacements for some of the most decadent dishes!

You can have the body you want, joy in your life, more energy, improved mood and so much more while still enjoying foods you love. My unique program cultivates self discovery through connecting with your intuition and aligning with joy.

Cultivating your own self awareness, opens you up to understand how your lifestyle and habits are affecting your overall well-being.

When you connect to your intuition, you eat intuitively, understand cravings, emotional eating and habits.


 ⭐ 1-Month “The Quickie” 

 ⭐ 3-Month “New habits, new life"

⭐ 6-Month “Total Transformation" 

*Payment plans available 


⭐ Who is coaching with me for?

Coaching with me is for anyone who is tired of restrictive diets, calorie counting and negative self image.

I will gently support and guide you to repair your relationship with food and focus on self love and positive self talk. you’ve decided this is for you! Yay! So excited you are ready for a huge shift in your health! Each session is unique and one of a kind based on your specific needs. This is a little insight into how I coach.

★ We will start with a discovery session via phone or in person to review your health history and goals. 

★ Bi-Weekly 50 minute private coaching sessions - in person, on the phone, FaceTime or Skype.

⭐ Non-Diet Food Approach

Intuitive eating – dive into connecting with your intuition and use that as a foundation to build a healthy relationship with yourself and food.

Proper food combing knowledge and recipes – learn how combing certain foods together can ease digestion and reduce bloat without restriction.

Gut Health – tools to transform your gut and feel better from the inside out. A healthy gut creates glowy skin, elevates your mood, increases energy and balances hormones.

⭐ Beyond Food - How Mindset, Emotions, and Lifestyle Affect Your Health

Align with Joy – align with your soul’s joy to be your most radiant self–understanding how relationships, career, movement and spirituality affect your well-being.

Meditation, EFT tapping, tarot readings, natal chart basics, mantra and mirror work, visualization

⭐ Program Materials

★ Easy to understand nutritional knowledge, life tips and recipes.

★ SarahCat daily journal, podcasts, samples of my favorite foods and beverages, and more!

★ Personalized follow up notes and goals/tips to keep you on track between our sessions.

⭐ Little Gift from Me to You!

★ Erewhon or Farmer’s Market Tour (local clients only)

★ Virtual pantry clean out via FaceTime (long distance clients only)

My ladies become part of my tribe! You have my full commitment to your health and success.

Email and text support between sessions help you stay on track with amazing decisions and I’ll celebrate your progress along the way. So excited to start this journey with you!

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