⭐ Hi Kitty Cats! ⭐

I’m Sarah Cat.

In my core, I am a creative, nurturing person who likes to connect with and empower women in a real, non-judgmental approach to wellness + lifestyle. This is the perfect place to be imperfect. A beautiful, curated place to be genuinely yourself, connect and gain wellness knowledge, tips + hacks.

Wellness and personal growth isn’t perfect and definitely not always pretty. But let’s all have a little fun and support each other, shall we?! Let me break it down! My philosophy has 3 categories. This is what I have been living the last decade and I am so excited to share it with you!

⭐ Eat ⭐

I am a holistic health coach and my passion is helping empower women to discover their own path to their most radiant body and life. I completed my certification with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition after decades of health issues including cancer, food allergies and acne/skin issues. I have studied over 100 different dietary theories and there is no “one diet fits all.” It’s all about what works for your unique, beautiful self and then healing can begin through food. My non-diet approach will help you repair your relationship with food and empower you with self love.

⭐ Create ⭐

Before becoming a health coach, I was a fashion designer. I graduated from The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. I adore everything wellness but creative expression brings my soul its greatest joy. I will share with you all the things inspiring me and lighting me up such as fashion tip + trends, diy, colors, interiors, art, plants, etc... All the things!

⭐ Be ⭐

So this is the part where things get the most REAL! Let’s be honest here...you can eat all the kale or drink all the celery juice you want to be healthy but if you are in a bad relationship or despise your job, no kale is going to fix this! This is where I can help you dig deep into all the elements beyond food that are keeping you from being your most radiant self. It’s a delicate balance of your lifestyle of getting a sweat on, saying no to toxic relationships, finding a career you are passionate about and even embarking on a spiritual journey within yourself. I will also share with you many “not talked about” subjects here. Nothing is off limits as far as topics go! Topics like how to naturally maintain your PH balance after sex, divorce, holistic hangover cures, boobs after babies, acne...I think you get the idea!

SEX, DRUGS + ROCK N ROLL BABY! Haha! Just kidding...but not really! 😽

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P.S: Also known as “Sarah Catnaps” because I have been blessed with the healthy superpower of short, revitalizing naps! One of the many wellness tips and tricks I can’t wait to share with you!