MOODboards ☆LA

Impress and satisfy your guests with a magical MOODboard creation by SarahCat.  

Overflowing with:

  • Fresh fruit and veggies

  • Charcuterie

  • Hand-dipped beet dyed eggs

  • Infused dips

  • Premium infused chocolate with edible glitter

  • Floral art

  • And thoughtfully paired accompaniments. 

What sets SarahCat’s MOODboards apart from regular charcuterie is her customized dips using adaptogens, nootropics, and CBD to enhance your feeling of well-being, clarity and happiness. 

Not only will you enjoy the food, but you will have increased feelings of euphoria

MOODboards☆LA are edible art. Our boards are one of a kind and curated specifically to enhance the vibe of your event.  

Feel free to talk to us about customization requirements and we will provide a quote or any queries you may have. Selections may vary depending on availability of products. 

While our serving portions are generous, they are intended to supplement a light meal. 

Delivery or collections hours 10am to 6.30pm. Delivery outside of these hours will be subject to a surcharge.


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When do you want your MOODboard to be delivered?

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